Treasures of Sri Lanka

Our Tropical Fine Food Range

well produced in Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean

No sugar added, low calories

A refreshing cold infusion for natural hydration and a fabulous whole body feeling. Freshly made from a selection of fine teas and juices with a dash of King Coconut Water.
Available varieties: Rooibos-Passion Fruit, Green-Lime, Tulsi-Turmeric, Hibiscus-Berry, Orange-Ginger, Mango-Rosewater, Apple-Mint, Turmeric-Lime, Pineapple-Lemongrass

Your ideal thirst quencher after yoga and sport.

By the way:
King Coconut water is only available in Sri Lanka. It is made from the delicious orange-yellow King Coconut which is used as an excellent and high quality thirst quencher for drinking only.


No sugar added, low calories

A delicious fruit drink, freshly made from the finest Sri Lankan King Coconut Water, sun-ripened fruits and healthy herbs.
Available varieties: Pineapple-Lemongrass – Body Relax, Mango-Rosewater – Body Balance, Apple-Saffron – Inner Beauty


No sugar added, low calories

A delicious coconut water, freshly made from the finest Sri Lankan King Coconut Water and exquisite herbs.
Available varieties: Pure, Aloe, Saffron, Turmeric

Your ideal thirst quencher after yoga and sport.


Taste sensation – 70 % fruit

A wonderful side dish for curries, salads, cheese and vegetables, with a delicious spicy sweet-sour taste.
Available varieties: Mango, Pineapple-Lemongrass, Coconut-Lime, Ginger-Lime

Freshly produced from selected, sun-ripened fruits.

Taste sensation – 70 % fruit

A delicious low sugar fruit spread for breakfast, desserts, crepes and cake fillings.
Available varieties: Mango, Mango-Rosewater, Mango-Passion Fruit, Pineapple-Coconut, Pineapple-Lemongrass, Pineapple-Aloe Vera, Banana

Freshly produced from selected, sun-ripened fruits.

No sugar added

A delicious fruit preparation for muesli, baking, soy yoghurt, desserts and sauces and just for snacking.
Available varieties: Pineapple, Mango, Tropical

No sugar added

Delicious purees for desserts, lassi, cakes, ice cream, sauces and smoothies.
Available varieties: Mango, Mango-Rosewater, Pineapple

Freshly produced from selected, sun-ripened fruits.

Cholesterol free & cold pressed

A light and healthy oil with natural coconut flavour for cooking, baking and frying. Freshly produced from Sri Lankan coconuts using a mild, cold press production procedure.
Available varieties:  Pure, Turmeric, Cardamom, Curry

Coconut blossom syrup

Try this wonderful aromatic and natural sweetener instead of honey, agave syrup or whole cane sugar.

Organic Quality

Since its founding 25 years ago, Cosmoveda has been using organic based raw materials for its productions.

The Spirit of Ayurveda And Zen

Based on the principles of ayurveda and zen, we create the most delicious and healthiest products that pamper your senses, body and soul.

Fair trade projects

Using raw materials from our Fair Trade projects is the best way to bring more and more social and sustainable aspects in our doing.


Our mixed gardens and farming projects are based on biodiversity principles and it is a pleasure to enter them in their natural beauty.

Lotus Life Foundation

A wonderful community that wants to achieve wellbeing for oneself, others and the environment.

Life Campus

We are creating a place that creates new experimental spaces for personal development, consciousness and a fulfilled life.

Why do you need Ayurveda & Zen

if you just want to feel well and fit? Both philosophies complement each other wonderfully and convey a lifestyle that reconnects us with ourselves and ultimately leads to more serenity and physical, mental and spiritual health. Zen is the way to our original nature and Ayurveda is the teaching of a healthy and happy life.
For many people this inner feeling for the good life or the truth in life has been lost more and more. People lose themselves in the grind of everyday life and end up with burnout symptoms.


Fair Trade and Conservation – our responsibility for a healthy nature, society and environment

Since its foundation in 2012, our subsidiary Cosmoveda Ceylon Pty Ltd has become one of the most innovative exporters of fruit delights, spice ups and coconut specialities like king coconut water drinks. Our organic cultivation takes place in different regions of Sri Lanka, with more than 200 farmers and agricultural cooperatives. Remuneration is based on fair trade criteria and provides farmers with future prospects for sustainable development and improves their living conditions.
There is a long tradition of organic farming in Sri Lanka. It is becoming increasingly popular which is apparent even in local purchasing habits. We promote organic farming methods (without the use of chemical pollutants and artificial fertilizers) by providing business advice seeds, seedlings and support to local farmers and cooperatives. In the Coconut Triangle coconuts thrive over tropical gardens housing wide variety plants, mixed rainforest houses mangos, bananas, pineapples and papayas all the way to the mountainous region around Kandy, where tea, pepper, passion fruit, tamarind and kittul grow.
We offer meaningful work and sustainable development while assisting with the transition process to more sustainable farming. In doing so, we are improving the living conditions of farmers, while facilitating social structures and nature conservation in Sri Lanka. Through the cultivation of ayurvedic herbs and support of research institutions, we revive the millennia-old tradition of ayurvedic life.